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Someone Is Stealing Parisian Hipsters' Chickens

One trendy and eco-friendly restaurant in Paris has experienced the theft of six of their live chickens. Who is stealing this poultry and what gives?
Foto von carbonnnyc via Flickr

A sad day for Parisians, chickens, and Parisian chickens, in particular. At La Recyclerie, a trendy and eco-friendly restaurant in Paris, six live chickens have recently gone missing. The well-known "hip" eatery houses both live chickens and goats to consume leftover food as a means of reducing waste. Ten chickens remain—but where the stolen six have gone, no one knows.

According to English-language French news site The Local, La Recyclerie has reached out to its customers, asking them to keep an eye out for Ghislaine, Eva, Salma, and the rest of the gang. It writes on its Facebook page that these chickens are essential for more than just consuming leftovers. They also assist the gardener in maintaining the vegetable farm and also help with the educational aspect of urban farming.

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The identity of the culprit (or culprits) remains unknown. The innovative restaurant/urban-farm does say that it will install security cameras to ensure that other animals don't go missing. Fans and patrons of La Recyclerie's Facebook page, which has over 30,000 likes, provided mixed reactions to this news—some choosing to make jokes and pointing blame at Colonel Sanders. Others expressed sorrow and outrage over the disappearances. One user wrote, "You try to reinvigorate an area to make it more green, more ecological, more pleasant, and there are still unscrupulous people who think they can ruin everything."

The Local adds, "La Recyclerie has become the place to be seen for trendy Parisians since it opened in summer 2014 right next to Porte de Clignancourt metro station. Aside from the restaurant, café, vegetable garden, and farm, it also offers daily DIY workshops." Perhaps one of these workshops is Chicken Theft 101, and there's simply a star student. Best-case scenario: the chickens simply escaped. They weren't happy with the food at La Recyclerie, or maybe they wanted to start an urban farm of their own.

Whatever the case may be, here's to hoping the mystery gets solved quickly and no more innocent chickens are plucked from what seems to be a pretty lush life.