[Premiere] Can You Escape This Hypnotizing VR Labyrinth?

Experience a subterranean virtual reality head trip in The Present’s “Love With U” music video.
April 11, 2017, 5:35pm
Screencap by the author.

The capacity for simulated, dreamlike virtual worlds created on game engines like Unreal or animation software like Cinema 4D is taken to something of an extreme in the new music video for The Present's jungle and Burial-influenced track "Love With U." In it, viewers descend into a subterranean black-and-white labyrinth, encountering surreal interiors and objects before seemingly teleporting to the next aspect of the virtual maze. Directed by artist Jonathan Turner, every aspect of this sci-fi head trip is incredibly designed, and occasionally fools the eye into thinking the virtual to be, in fact, real. As beautiful as it is to look at, Turner imbues this digital labyrinth with a sense of claustrophobia akin to GoldenEye, which will have the viewers hoping for sunlight and fresh air. Virtually speaking, of course.

"Love With U" appears on The Present's Break the Dawn EP, out now the Styles Upon Styles label. Click here to see more of Jonathan Turner's work.


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