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A Russian Spacecraft Bound for the ISS Is Spinning Out of Control

A spacecraft carrying supplies for the ISS has temporarily aborted its attempt to dock with the International Space Station.

​Uh, not to alarm you, but there's an International Space Station-bound spacecraft spinning out of control right now.

The spacecraft causing concern is Progress 59, a Russian cargo ship that is headed to the ISS carrying 6,000 pounds of fuel and food.

Although it successfully separated from a Soyuz rocket Tuesday morning, NASA is reporting that the Russians are having trouble communicating with it to slow down its spin. It appears that several of Progress 59's navigational antennas didn't deploy and there are issues with its propulsion system.

As seen in the dizzying video above, NASA commentators say it's enduring a "clear rotational spin" that was detected by "multiple rate sensor failures."

Uplinking efforts made by Russian flight control teams to stop it have been unsuccessful. The plethora of problems have forced the Russians to scrap its attempt to dock it on the ISS on Thursday until a troubleshooting plan is successful,NASA said.

In July 2012, another unmanned supply ship called Progress 47 had similar problems docking with the ISS. That ship eventually managed to dock, hopefully this one can do the same.

(Hat tip: The Verge)