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Woman Fights Back Against Haters of Her Chocolate-Cheese 'Creation'

“Honestly, the people that are saying it is vile haven't tried it."
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A London woman is standing her ground after the Internet hate machine lashed out at pictures of her favorite late-night snack.

On July 2, Houda Serfag posted three photos of her assembly process for a chocolate and cheese melt on Twitter, along with the caption, "Hi twitter so heres my amazing choc and cheese invention which I'm eating as I tweet xx."

And while there is nothing outrightly troll-y about the tweet, it generated a shitstorm of responses—mostly negative—about her "invention." One Scottish twitter user even alerted the police about the choco-cheese creation in a tweet that was liked more than 21,000 times and retweeted nearly 5,400 times.


But Serfag directly addressed many of the 200-plus replies she got, staunchly defending her right to eat whatever the hell she wants when she gets cravings, a right that is inalienable, as far as we know.

The only point at which Houda relented was when one Twitter user recommended that she submit the photo of her creation to Michelin-starred chef and Twitter assassin Gordon Ramsay. "Naaaa anyone but him he's too brutal," Serfag responded to the suggestion. Ramsay, like so many of the people responding to Houda, has been destroying the culinary dreams of his fans and home cooks all year with vicious comments usually reserved for the hack chefs he meets on Kitchen Nightmares.

Still, the combination of cheese and chocolate is hardly unusual, even in Michelin-starred kitchens like Ramsay's. Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal has been a huge proponent of blue cheese and chocolate pairings and has also argued that white chocolate and caviar work together harmoniously. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto has even concocted a dish consisting of dark chocolate pasta enrobed in Parmesan-infused cream sauce. And, of course, brownie cheesecakes are the shit.

So, say what you will about her choco-cheese invention, but @h_xxda is in good company, culinarily speaking, and she remains unapologetic.

"My love for chocolate and my love for cheese inspired this amazing combo and I don't regret it at all!" Serfag told MUNCHIES via Twitter. "Honestly the people that are saying it is vile haven't tried it and so I urge them to give it a go at least."

You go, girl.