• Carne Adovada Sopaipillas Recipe

    Braised pork and refried beans are sandwiched in a savory fried dough, ladled with red chile sauce, then topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

  • Fried Bologna Sandwich Recipe

    Make the very best version of the American packed-lunch classic with thick slices of fried bologna, a crunchy layer of salt and vinegar chips, and a homemade sweet n’ spicy mustard.

  • Kris Jenner’s Cheese Borags Recipe

    3 cheeses and a medley of fresh herbs are folded into delicate phyllo dough, brushed with butter, and baked until golden in this crispy appetizer brought to you by the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner.

  • Tavern-Style Pizza Recipe

    Proof a homemade pizza dough overnight, then top with a bright cherry tomato sauce and a savory cheese blend in this thin and crispy pizza recipe.

  • Quick and Easy Cacio e Pepe Recipe

    The classic Roman pasta dish gets a glow-up with the addition of subtly spicy pink peppercorns and goat butter.

  • Bean and Cheese Pupusa Recipe

    These Central American corn cakes are stuffed with homemade refried beans and cheese, then griddled and served hot with a smoky salsa and crunchy pickled veggies.

  • The VICE Guide to a Slappin’ Charcuterie Board

    Purists begone—it’s the age of the postmodern charcuterie board, and time to garnish our prosciutto platters with Flintstones vitamins.

  • Tadka Mac n’ Cheese Recipe

    Classic Indian chilies and spices complement the richness of this creamy, vegan macaroni and cheese recipe.

  • Easy Chili Mac Recipe

    Please join us as we celebrate the holy union of beef, pork, and bean chili with creamy and comforting macaroni and cheese in this hearty and warming meal.