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The Zodiac Signs Ranked According to Beyoncé

We revisit Beyoncé's 2003 song "Signs" to investigate her astrological feelings.
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Beyoncé’s 2003 album Dangerously In Love brought us revelatory chart-toppers like "Naughty Girl" and "Baby Boy," but there is one astrological deepcut that feels sadly overlooked: "Signs."

The song—featuring musical icon Missy Elliott, who’s also credited as a co-writer and producer—is Queen Bey’s ode to the Zodiac. Beyoncé has flourished from a teen girl group member to an international cultural icon, and with a discography spanning six studio albums, four live albums, and three compilation albums, it’s easy for songs to get lost in the shuffle. Fifteen years after its release, I urge you to revisit "Signs."


In "Signs," Beyoncé has built her understanding of the Zodiac based on her romantic relationships ("I was in love with a Sagittarius"), but we must contextualize her perspective with her natal chart, which impacts compatibility. Beyoncé was born on September 4, 1981 (as she whispers in the intro to "Get Me Bodied") in Houston, Texas. According to the Astro Twins, she was born at 10 AM, which makes her a Virgo sun with a Scorpio moon and Libra rising.

For those familiar with astrology, it’s easy to understand how the stars aligned to make Beyoncé so perfect: her three signs are the best of the Zodiac, in my humble opinion—and they all point to why she is so hard-working, compassionate, sexy, and thoughtful. For those less familiar with astrology, Beyoncé is often held up as the ideal or fully-realized Virgo, because Virgos tend to be perfectionists who seek privacy for both self-exploration and intimate time. Beyoncé can absolutely be described as a perfectionist, though she’s more accurately a master of her craft. It’s also interesting to note that Beyoncé’s three signs are in all the elements but fire (meaning earth, water, and air), so she finds her match in husband Jay-Z, a fiery Sagittatius.

Here, I rank the signs of the Zodiac according to Beyoncé—which, in my opinion, is one of few acceptable ways to be ranked.

12. Capricorn
Unfortunately, Capricorns get the raw end of the deal in "Signs," because it’s the only sign that Beyoncé doesn’t specifically shout out. She sings the word "Capricorn" when she lists all the signs and says, "I love all y'all"—but being forgotten is basically the same as coming in last, sorry you lusty sea-goats!!


11. Pisces
All Beyoncé says about Pisces is: "‘Cause I’ve been hurt by a Pisces." So while she may have loved a Pisces at one point, it sounds like they’ve definitely soured for her.

10. Gemini
There’s a lot of Gemini slander in the world, and Beyoncé buys into the stereotypes. "He also had a flip side, too much like a Gemini," she sings. While it’s not necessarily bad to have a flip side, she makes it clear she doesn’t like it with "too much."

9. Aries
"Flirtatious like an Aries," is all Beyoncé sings about Aries, and it’s hard to tell whether she thinks the sign overall is good or bad.

8. Leo
"I can’t explain why I love him," she sings. "Bossy like Leo’s do." While bossy, "life of the party" Leo can be grating, Beyoncé sometimes likes them for some reason.

7. Aquarius
"Got game like an Aquarius, switch moves after he been with you." 😏

6. Cancer
"The way he holds me close, sensitive as a Cancer," Beyoncé croons. (Note: Missy Elliott is a Cancer, and she co-wrote this song!)

5. Libra
"Fun like a Libra, he stays on my mind." Nice.

4. Taurus
"He was freaky like a Taurus, the way he handled me." Even nicer.

3. Scorpio
"I want him sexy like a Scorpio" is Beyoncé’s only declaration of want in "Signs." Damn.

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2. Virgo
Beyoncé believes that fellow Virgos would understand her needs best. "Hey I wish he was a Virgo, the same sign as me," she sings, "and know how to show me love, cause I've been hurt by a Pisces."

1. Sagittarius
Though it’s clear that a Sagittarius broke Beyoncé’s heart ("I was in love with a Sagittarius, see the emotions he put me through?"), she just can’t seem to stop loving them—and by them, I mean Jay-Z. ("I was in love with a Sagittarius, he blew my mind.") She repeats "I was in love with a Sagittarius" until the song fades out.