Brave: Men Exposed by #MeToo Waited 5 Whole Months to Stage Their Comebacks

After being accused of sexual misconduct by 17 women and laying low for less than half a year, Charlie Rose is reportedly ready to step back into the limelight—and he's generously bringing other alleged predators with him.
April 26, 2018, 3:44pm
Photos via Wikimedia Commons

"So Brave!" is Broadly's humor column.

It’s been a little more than six months since a bombshell investigation revealed accusations of sexual misconduct against producer Harvey Weinstein, igniting what’s been dubbed a "reckoning" with sexual abuse in the entertainment industry and beyond. In other words, men like Weinstein have served more than enough time for their crimes. And to clarify, "time" means anywhere from one to six months holed up in a penthouse or faux-rehab center and "crime" means actual crime, from rape to groping to indecent exposure. Men who have been named as abusers by the #MeToo movement have bravely faced their consequences, completing brief stints in the arena of public disgrace rather than any sort of judicial sentencing.

Now, these stalwart men who stepped cautiously out of the limelight after being accused of acts that traumatized women and derailed or cut short their careers are courageously poised for their comebacks.

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Charlie Rose, the TV host accused of sexual misconduct by 17 women, will reportedly star in a show where he’ll interview other men whose careers were destroyed by the #MeToo movement. And Matt Lauer, who was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, is also reportedly "eyeing a comeback." A mere five months after a report alleged that the former Today Show host gave a mortified colleague a sex toy with an "explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her," Lauer is "getting a bit restless and ‘lonely’ while holing up in his Hamptons home."

While some people might try to live an anonymous and honest life of toil after being accused of terrorizing the workplace with sexual predation, these guys are persistently pursuing careers in the spotlight. It's hard not to be impressed by the sheer conviction of the men outed by the #MeToo movement for reminding the world they still won't take no for an answer.