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Hold On, Old Tories Can Save the Labour Party?

Apparently, David Cameron and George Osborne could save us from the sad death of Labour Party.
Simon Childs
London, GB
Photo: Harald Joergens / Alamy Stock Photo 

Props to Chris Deerin, former Telegraph comment editor, who’s in the Daily Herald today, putting his head above the parapet as the umpteenth columnist calling for the creation of a new centrist party because Labour's not full of nice Tories.

Deerin goes in two-footed from the off:

THE Labour Party is nearly dead.

Shit, really? Are you sure, Chris? Because I'm really not sure, considering the fact membership has surged to just under 500,000 under Jeremy Corbyn, with the party surprising people at the election and now performing relatively well in the polls. Mind you, not of that stops Chris from continuing in a similarly overwrought fashion:


It may, to some eyes, still resemble a living, breathing thing but we are witnessing a deathbed scene, the last twitchings of a diseased almost-corpse. It has been killed by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell and by everyone who has given them support.

Yep, all those people joining the party and campaigning for it are actually accidentally killing it, perhaps in some sort of stampede.

Labour is dying because, by the next general election, it will no longer exist; at least, not in its traditional form as a broad-based movement for social democracy.

What exactly is going to suddenly end the existence of the opposition party is unclear – but Chris can’t be all that sad about it, since he seems to want to speed its death up with the creation of a new party representing the sort of broad-based movement he wants. Apparently this party would be "in the Emmanuel Macron mould", so I guess he means the kind of "social democracy" that inspires people to call you France's answer to Margaret Thatcher, or provokes days of union-organised industrial action.

If that doesn't appeal, Chris has an A-Team of legends who you'll definitely want to get involved with if you're really sad about the death of social democracy, more than half of whom are Tories.

If you’re not sure whether it’s for you, here are the sort of people it should include: David Miliband, John Major, Ruth Davidson, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Yvette Cooper, Nick Clegg, Anna Soubry, George Osborne, Nicky Morgan, Ken Clarke, Peter Mandelson, Paddy Ashdown, Chuka Umunna, Jack McConnell, Alistair Darling, David Willetts, Dominic Grieve, Amber Rudd. If you look at this list, appreciate the connections, share the sensibility and the desire to pull our politics back from the edge, you’re in.

David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg – alas, we'll probably never know what it would be like if they got into power, but presumably we'd be living in some Nordic-style social democratic paradise.