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Naked Man Causes $10,000 in Damages to Chicken Wing Restaurant

"This...guy just went crazy. Started taking off his clothes and got all naked."
Photo via les caméras de sécurité de Juicy Wingz

Juicy Wingz, an annoyingly spelled wing joint in Pasadena, California, promises that "you will sweat" if you order its Hot Wings—er, Wingz. But it wasn't the heat of the wingz (sigh) or the spiciness of the sauce that caused Daniel Pimentel to strip all of his clothes off and go on a destructive rampage through the restaurant, one that left wires dangling from the ceiling and gaping holes in the plaster.


Tony, the manager at Juicy Wingz, told CBS Los Angeles that Pimentel had been asked to leave the restaurant the day before. And, after thinking about it for a full day, the 20-year-old allegedly returned to Juicy Wingz and confronted Tony before losing every bit of his shit – and all of his clothing. "At that point, this Daniel guy just went crazy," Tony told the station. "Started taking off his clothes and got all naked."

An already shirtless Pimentel grabbed a sign post and used it to threaten Tony (who declined to give CBS his full name) before climbing on top of a room divider where he paused briefly to sing. He then pulled a chunk of crown molding off the wall, yanked the security camera out of the ceiling and removed his own pants. He threw a stack of cardboard boxes, punched several holes in the ceiling, broke a granite countertop and smashed a tablet computer. The total damages (damagez?) were estimated at $10,000.

When a still-totally-nude Pimentel left the restaurant, he allegedly hit a woman with the piece of crown molding he had taken from the restaurant. Lt. Javier Aguilar of the Pasadena Police Department told the Pasadena Star-News that Pimentel reappeared at Juicy Wingz later that afternoon, fully dressed and ready to start another argument. He was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and assault with a deadly weapon. He was taken to a local hospital for mental health evaluation before being transported to the Pasadena jail where he is being held on $30,000 bond.

This particular location of Juicy Wingz has barely been open a month. Let's hope that its second month of operation is much more, um, pleazant.