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What living conditions are like for a Syrian refugee in Berlin

"There is nothing that gives us hope for tomorrow," one refugee told VICE News.

This segment originally aired Nov. 14, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

“There is no proper housing, no good life,” a Syrian refugee named Farouk told VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson in Berlin. “There is no good food, no work. Some people have to wait for a year to start learning German. People say it’s our fault, no.”

When the migrant crisis began to overwhelm Europe last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stood out for her insistence on opening the country to newcomers. More than a million refugees moved in, and now Merkel’s popularity is waning.

“Our rooms are very cramped,” Farouk said. “No money, nothing that we can build a life with. There is nothing that gives us hope for tomorrow.”

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