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Psychemagik Get Darker than Midnight on This New Remix

Straight up Belgian bliss.

You might not know a huge amount about Belgian cosmic rockers Go March but hopefully that's set to change when you get your hands on their new single "Rise" a real motherchugger of a space-rock monster. They've hooked up a pretty sweet remix package for the release with cosmic slop merchant Dreems, tweaked-out dub-blissed duo Peaking Lights and delicate deconstructor Shigeto each turning in gorgeous reworks. Our favourite of the lot, though, is the one we've got premiering above, courtesy of beach-dwelling, star-gazing crate diggers Pyschemagik.


Best known for their Balearic incantations, the duo have released dreamy edit after woozy remix, and put together a string of top-notch compilations which span everything from pie-eyed disco to gauzy new age haze. With this remix they've got dark. It thuds, it chuggs, it churns and weaves like all the best 4am records do. "The original is a lush chugging groove that just captured us. We get asked to make remixes like our Fleetwood Mac edits so this was a welcome change up," they told us. "There's so many cool textures that inspired us and although we don't always use the original sounds , our remix is like a reaction to those sounds. A call and response almost. Our remix expresses how the original affected us! And to bring it back down to Earth - it's simply dope!"

We can't disagree.

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