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Mak & Pasteman Want To 'Bun N Drive' And So Do We

The deadly duo drop an exclusive cut from the upcoming Digital Soundboy 10th anniversary compilation.

Remember 2005? Doesn't it seem so long ago, but somehow, just yesterday that the BBC broadcast Jerry Springer the Opera despite 45,000 complaints? Do you remember where you were when The UK Food Standards Agency ordered the withdrawal of over 350 food products from sale following the discovery that a batch of chilli powder used to produce a batch of Worcestershire sauce subsequently used to produce processed foods was contaminated with the possibly-carcinogenetic dye Sudan I? I know I do. I also know that 2005 was the year that legendary producer Shy FX founded his Digital Soundboy label.


Since then —since those heady days of Blair's re-election— the imprint's played home to the likes of B.Traits, Mele, Skream and a veritable tonne of UK Bass' biggest and best acts. Next month sees them celebrating a decade in the game with the release of a double disc compilation, which features classics like "Hard" by Breakage, as well as an absolute heater from deadly duo Mak and Pasteman.

"Bun N Drive" is a low slung screamer and we're stoked to be bringing if to you today here on THUMP. The boys had this to say about it, "So we put the first incarnation of "Bun N Drive" out back in 2012, and it was actually the first track of ours that Shy ever heard. It feels good that after so long on dubplate we're able to put this track out on the Ten Years of Digital Soundboy compilation —this ones for all the heads that kept asking us for it over the years!"

Tune in below:

The Digital Soundboy compilation is available from December 4th via Digital Soundboy. The whole gang are also throwing a massive party at fabric that same night. Head here for more information and tickets for that one.

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