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Outbreak Festival Has Been Cancelled and No One Knows Why

The Castle Donnington festival's been abandoned just four days before it was set to kick off.

Thousands of party goers woke up today, bravely battling a sodden commute with the prospect of a weekend at Castle Donnington losing their shit to the likes of Jamie Jones, Sven Vath and DJ EZ brightening up a soggy, stultifying morning. As they got ready to sink back into tubes and slide onto busses, bad news broke: Outbreak festival has been cancelled.

The now-abandoned Outbreak site (photo via Outbreak)

Information is pretty scant at present but an official statement released earlier today on the festival's official website states that the cancellation is due to, "being made aware of certain information received regarding potential danger to public safety during the event the decision was taken today to act immediately, rather than postponing the Festival at too short notice."

Though the nature of the potential threat hasn't been revealed, and neither has the source of the aforementioned 'certain information', the organizers are keen to stress that anyone currently in possession of a ticket to the house and techno orientated event can either keep hold of their pass and get access to a membership which offers VIP upgrades at future events or return it for a full refund.

As empty speculation does no one any good, we'll calmly wait for clarification on why the event's had its plug pulled at such short notice. Watch this space.