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Scuba Keeps Offering People Ketamine on Twitter

Apparently he'll give you a bump if you vote him best DJ in RA's poll.

Via Scuba's Instagram.

UPDATE [Wednesday, November 25]: In a chat with THUMP, Scuba opened up about his ketamine joke and his thoughts on how DJ polls negatively affect musicians. " I think it makes everyone look silly, and I think it's divisive. It pits people against each other and we'd be better off without it," he said. "The DJ poll has a direct effect on people's earnings, and that's why DJs take it so seriously and campaign so hard to get a good ranking. Promoters at festivals and clubs look at it, and to a certain extent, it affects what you earn. It's the money aspect that's really what's damaging." Read the full interview here.


UPDATE [Wednesday, November 25]: Scuba has deleted the "controversial" tweets from his account.

Buying drugs is a chore at the best of times, so it may come as good news to some that as of now the best place to source world-famous vibe-killing horse tranquilliser ketamine is Scuba's Twitter. The offer seems to be that if you vote for him on Resident Advisor's recently opened DJ poll you get a bump, and if you make it to every night of his Twelve Weeks of Techno residency in London then you get a full gram for your trouble. It's a bit like a Kickstarter, only the final target is a bunch of black Tshirt wearing techno heads slurring their words trying not to bump into each other while their other mates have to carry them into taxis.

It's a perfect ploy in many ways, because everybody knows drugs are cool. Like really fucking cool, and if you are seeking approval from people, then offering them drugs is definitely the best, if not only, way to do it.*

*We are horsing around. It's not.

Scuba is on Twitter.