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Baauer's Insane Video For "GoGo!" Features Sex, Cars and Thunderstorms

Contrary to popular belief, sex in a car falling through the sky actually looks quite good.

Baauer's triumphant return single on LuckyMe, "GoGo!", is something we've been pretty hugely, massively excited by since it dropped. Typical of the label, it's a bolshy, bold bit of a club massiveness that batters your head a bit, but all the while leaves you punching the air and jumping around like a first generation pillock. What we didn't anticipate, however, was just how knocked out we were going to be by the track's visuals. Directed by Parisian director Thomas Rhazi, the film pits two lovers in the back of a car and watches as their romance unfolds, as the car itself plummets down through the clouds, past a thunderstorm and towards the Earth. It's strangely sexy, emotionally exhausting, and visually breath-taking. Enjoy it below.


"GoGo!" is on Apple Music.