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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Contacted Police Because She Was Upset by a Painting

Also this week: A woman stabbed her hair stylist because she wouldn't give her a refund.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: An unnamed woman in Brentwood, England

Screencap via Google Maps.

The incident: A guy hung a painting with the word fuck on it in his gallery window.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: An outraged passerby called the police.

Art dealer John Brandler owns a gallery/store called Brandler Galleries in Brentwood, England.


Last month, he hung a painting in the gallery's window. The painting, which is pictured above, is by some artists called the Connor Brothers and, as a pun on Much Ado About Nothing, has the words "A LOAD OF FUSS ABOUT FUCK ALL" written across the top of it. It has a sale price of £7,500 ($11,500).

According to a report in John's local paper, the Brentwood Gazette, John got a visit from a police officer a couple of weeks ago. The officer told him that he'd received a complaint from a member of the public about the painting, and told John that he would have to cover up the "fuck."

"There are 60,000 people in Brentwood and one person can object to something and by law it has to be removed," John told the paper. "I think it is fucking bonkers."

John put a piece of paper on the painting, covering up the offending word. Which satisfied the officer.

"He had to photograph that we had covered it so he could show that he had done his job. Is that what we pay the police for?" John fumed.

John says that, due to the UK's data protection laws, the officer was unable to tell him who had made the complaint. All he was able to reveal, John said, is that she had been a woman, and had contacted the police by phone. "Why not just come in and say 'I found that offensive' or phone me?" he said.

Cry-Baby #2: Cheryl Lynn (not the one who sang "Got to be Real")

Screencap via Google Maps.

The incident: A woman was refused a refund for a haircut she didn't like.


The appropriate response: A VERY strongly worded Yelp review.

The actual response: She stabbed the stylist multiple times.

Last week, 20-year-old Cheryl Lynn (pictured above) of Utica, New York, was at a house party when she saw a stylist who had previously given her a haircut she was not happy with.

According to a report on WKTV, Cheryl "approached her, accusing her of styling her hair poorly and saying she wanted her money back."

No further details of this exchange are given in any of the news reports on this story, but, according to police, Cheryl left the party without getting a refund from the unnamed woman.

Some time later that night, police say, Cheryl ran into the hair stylist in the street. The two women then allegedly began fighting and Cheryl stabbed the victim three times in her neck, shoulder, and chest. The victim was able to flee the scene and called the police.

Cheryl was arrested later that night and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, both of which are felonies.

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