Top 'Rocket League' Teams on Unprecedented Winning Streak Face-Off

Unexpected squads have dominated European RLCS play, but only one could claim the first-ever 6-0 record.
October 2, 2017, 8:06pm
screenshot courtesy of Psyonix

Europe's pro Rocket League scene looks a lot different than it did last season. Past champions Team EnVyUs and FlipSid3 Tactics have posted dismal Rocket League Championship Series records so far, at 1-4 and 1-5 respectively, and lesser-known squads are stepping up and altering the region's competitive landscape in the process.

During week four action this weekend, the top two Euro teams—UK organization Method and French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain's gaming division—both notched the first-ever 5-0 records across four seasons of the RLCS. But the accomplishment wouldn't stand for long: they'd face each other before the day was done, and only one could claim the lone 6-0 record.

It took five close, back-and-forth games, but Paris Saint-Germain ultimately secured the win, thanks to stellar team attacks like the one above plus aggressive play from their young stars, 16-year-old Thibault "Chausette45" Grzesiak and 15-year-old Daniel "Bluey" Bluett. Along with Victor "Ferra" Francal, who finished 4th with The Leftovers last season, PSG eSports have eagerly trampled all comers and already secured a place at next month's World Championship.

Method finally dropped a match, but they're still sitting pretty at 5-1 in Europe and have seen dazzling offensive play from captain Linus "al0t" Möllergren. He sunk this dramatic shot earlier in the day against Mock-It Esports, who Method ultimately swept:

League play wraps up next weekend, and PSG will have an opportunity to try and finish at 7-0, while Method will attempt to snag their own spot at the World Championship. But EnVy and FlipSid3 will see the toughest battles as these past league leaders try to make the postseason. They're sitting at 6th and 7th place respectively (Team Secret is 8th at 0-5), and only the top six teams make it to regionals.

Neither past winner is playing terribly, but there's incredible parity atop Europe's competitive scene right now— Rocket League's toughest pro region—and they're being edged out consistently by new or improved squads. With just one weekend left to try and turn things around, it's possible that one or both teams could miss out on the playoffs.