This Psychedelic Game Might Hurt Your Eyes, But it’s Worth it

'Healthy Breakfast is a little bit 'Jazzpunk' but a whole lot weirder.
December 4, 2017, 6:52pm
All images captured courtesy Boogie Knights and Aidan Walsh

Healthy Breakfast is neon. Very, very neon, with magenta and orange and the loudest teals you’ll ever see. Sometimes, in exploring its bright and subtly impossible 3D architecture, I had to look away, for fear of straining my weary eyes.

But, it’s very much worth it to persevere, for the game’s off-kilter humor, weirdly beautiful spaces and excellent, chill soundtrack. In the game, you interact with objects (or… things in space, I don’t want to ruin it), in order to solve puzzles and advance to the next place. There are flamingoes, donuts, and giant space baby-heads, and that’s only the beginning.

It’s a little bit Talking Heads music video, a little bit Jazzpunk, and a whole bunch of blissfully bizarre logic.

You can download the game for free—or pay what you want—on its page.

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