Throw Whatever the Hell You Want Into This Summer Tomato Pasta


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Throw Whatever the Hell You Want Into This Summer Tomato Pasta

Master the art of making pasta from just about anything.

Along with every other LaCroix-hoarding Millennial out there, you likely believe that you've mastered the art of drunkenly slapping together late-night pasta from whatever the hell you have laying around.

And while we certainly commend your creativity for deciding to coat garganelli in vintage Squirt soda after realizing you didn't have any Meyer lemons, we're betting you could still stand to learn a thing or two from Colu Henry. After all, the PR-guru-turned-cookbook-author quite literally wrote the book on next-level garbage pasta.

RECIPE: Summer Tomato Pasta

Earlier this summer, Henry stopped by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to talk all things kitchen-sink pasta and promote her recently published cookbook, Back Pocket Pasta: Inspired Dinners to Cook on the Fly. After some careful examination of the MUNCHIES garden, Henry also decided to show us the ropes and threw together some pasta using ingredients she took from the garden.

Even though Henry's Summer Tomato Pasta has some ingredients you almost certainly won't have laying around your kitchen—bachelor buttons, flowering thyme, and bronze fennel—the dish is merely a template for an infinite number of pastas you can easily put together from what is readily available.

The pasta of your dreams is only limited by what you have laying around your kitchen. And, go!