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Bros Play Beer Pong in Intersection, Rewarded with Local News Shoutouts

One news station even sent an anchor to play beer pong with them, on a table beside the intersection.

If you search Yelp for the best beer pong in Houston, it will spit out a list of several dozen bars that may or may not let you arrange Solo cups on their ping pong tables. Weirdly enough, the intersection of West Road and Airline Drive isn't one of the suggestions, but that didn't stop a couple of dudes from dragging their own table into the middle of the road and bouncing a couple of balls toward each other. Why? BECAUSE ZOMG SOCIAL MEDIA.


Sol Uresti posted a video of the game to his Facebook page so that, as of this writing, 156,000 people could see how terrible he is at beer pong. "Playing BEERPONG in the middle of the street #lmfao" he wrote, adding a trio of laugh-crying emojis. It's hard to hear what they're saying to each other as they repeatedly miss each other's cups, because of all of the cars who are honking in their directions, while somehow resisting the urge to plow directly through their card table.

"We pulled out the table. We set it up, put Hawaiian punch, grabbed the balls, had the table and put it right here in the middle," Uresti told Click2Houston. The news outlet spoke with an officer who encouraged others not to duplicate the prank, but then it closed its coverage with a shoutout to Uresti's Instagram account. Way to send some mixed messages there, guys. (And Fox 26 sent anchor Lindsey Henry to play beer pong with them, on a table beside the intersection.)

The Houston Police said that stunts like this could lead to criminal charges, but there will be no misdemeanors or fines for Uresti and his pals, because no one snitched to the cops (or just called it in on their way into the Walgreens parking lot). "Situations like this are definitely something we shouldn't do," Officer John L. Williams told KHOU. "You not only put yourself at risk, you put other people at risk."

Uresti promised the station that this was the last time that he'd play beer (or punch) pong in the middle of the road, but that he won't stop pulling pranks. His Facebook page is filled with videos of him doing dumb shit, like jumping into a koi pond outside the China Bear restaurant and running into a Jack in the Box in his underwear while yelling that he's the "next savage from Houston."

Maybe. Or maybe somebody could just give this guy a fidget spinner.