Bras, Bratwurst, Beers and Super Beats: Nobody is Having More Fun than Andhim


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Bras, Bratwurst, Beers and Super Beats: Nobody is Having More Fun than Andhim

From Verboten to Venice, the Cologne-bred duo's US tour photo diary is full of mischief.
October 23, 2015, 9:50pm

Cologne-bred duo andhim's merging of house and techno aesthetics is serious business. The duo of Simon Haehnel andTobias Mueller have a unique grasp on current clubsounds, what they call "Super House," and their sets are always classy. Whether it's Tomorrowland or Verboten, Andhim have got the vibes on lock. The guys just wrapped up a US tour that took them from coast-to-coast. Check out some of the mischief they got up to.


"The Aliens have arrived in Los Angeles and were found on Sound's dancefloor."

"Who needs gold when you have a silver shark?"

"Hyclass livin' in Venice Beach."

"Some trippy visuals at our show in New York."

"Red Light Techno District."

"Spotted on the streets of Miami… andhim US tour sticker!"

"According to our fans, it's andhim for presidents! Let's begin the demonstrations."

"Typical things that people like to throw in our booth."

"Did anyone order pasta?"

"The other night we dressed up in that typical German leisure look."

Check out Andhim's BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from this summer:

"Well we forgot the sunscreen and had to somehow protect our beautiful German skin!"

"It was hot and we were very thirsty, okay?"

"Testing out the food at CRSSD festival!"

"Tiny slice of pizza post-set!"

"One of the greatest crowds and clubs in the world: Verboten New York!"

"We practiced some Deep House Yoga before our set at Verboten New York. Highly recommended!"

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