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Finally, Someone Has Covered Benga and Coki's "Night" on a Slide Whistle!

See if you can tell it apart from the original...
October 20, 2015, 2:06pm

We've said before, that in recent years dubstep and its offshoots and incarnations have been getting more and more interesting, yet until now it has still always felt like the genre was missing something. As though, despite every amazing and iconic dubstep track — from "Spliff Dub" to "Give Jah Glory" — there was a gap, a silence that needed to be filled, an unheard voice waiting to complete the scene. That voice, as it turns out, was Twitter user Jason Burns, and the sound you, we, have been waiting for, whether we knew it or not, was his slide whistle cover of Benga and Coki's "Night". Enjoy below, and compare to the original underneath it. In fact, why not try a fun game we've been playing in the office. Close your eyes, get a friend to press play on either the slide whistle version or the original, and see if you can tell which is which!


Yo — Jason Burns (@JasonBurnsdub)October 17, 2015

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So that's what dubstep has been missing!