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Festival Fit: Who Had the Tightest Bods at Ultra Music Festival?

"Every guy who asks us for our number, we ask them to buy us a hamburger."

Festival fitness isn't a choice. It's a lifestyle. And there's nowhere on earth that values washboard abs, ripped arms, and bouncy butts more than Ultra Music Festival in Miami. To explore this intersection of gym culture and dance music, we picked out the hottest bodies at the three-day fest and asked them about their workout regimes. Obviously, we got a little more than we asked for.

Matthew Bullivant, Australia

OK. How did this body happen?
I join competitions for beach bodies back in Australia.

Like, competitions for who has the sexiest beach bodies?


Have you won?!
One year I came in second place.

What's the key to a banging beach bod?
Good muscle tone across your whole body. Everything should be balanced. You shouldn't have nasty arms.

What's the best compliment you've gotten at Ultra?
Someone said I've got the best body at the festival.

Ooh, what did you say?
I got shy.

Chloe and Mattea, Palm Beach, Florida

THUMP: You guys look amazing. What's the secret?
Mattea: I work out three times a week. Squats, free weights, pull ups--the works.
Chloe: I don't work out. [laughs]

What's the best or worst thing someone's said about your bod?
Chloe: All day, people keep asking me to take selfies. One person even grabbed Mattea's face and just like, shook it.

That's annoying.
Mattea: Eh. Every guy who asks us for our number, we ask them to buy us a hamburger.

Has it worked?
Mattea: Not… yet!

Evelyn Yen, California

What did you do to get in shape for Ultra?
I juiced for a three-day cleanse. That's why my body doesn't look bloated.

What's the most memorable thing that someone's said about your body?
"You look like Chung Lee from Street Fighter!" It was some white dude, obviously.

Obvs. What's the best dance move to burn calories?
The shuffle. It really tones your abs and your legs get super sore.

Ryan, Virginia Beach

What's your name?
Are you a cop?

It's Ryan.

How did you get so ripped for Ultra?
I worked out everyday and listened to Tiësto's Club Life.


What dance moves burn the most calories?
[Starts shuffling]

What's your favorite part of your body?
[Points to eight-pack]

Has that served to you getting lucky this weekend?
What do you think dude?

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Jeremiah Malone, Sacramento, California

You're an amazing dancer.
Thanks! I consider it an art form.

How so?
I don't really dance outside of electronic music festivals, but here I think [dancing] inspires other people to love themselves. I can't think of anything else that brings people together like this.

Your energy is incredible. How do you have the stamina?
I don't know if I should say this, because it has a stigma: I take drugs. I'm into psychedelics. It makes you question everything around you. In the 60s, people were using LSD and questioning the Vietnam War. Then the government classified it as having no medical value. But psychologists are studying it now for therapeutic uses. Same thing for MDMA.

Vinny Vigna and Felicia Mari, New York

How did you guys get such hard bodies?
Vinny: I'm a personal trainer at World Gym.
Felicia: I like to dance and go out a lot.

How do you train for summer festival season?
Vinny: A combination of diet and carb cycles.
Felicia: Um, squats?

Vinny, are you always shirtless?
Vinny: Nah. It just gets hot.

Nick and Brandon, Miami

How often do you work out?
Nick: Five days a week. Our parents are body builders.
Brandon: Six days a week.

What part of festival sets is best for getting ripped?
Nick: When a DJ drops a huge beat and everyone jumps up and down.
Brandon: Ditto!


What's your favorite part about your body?
Nick: Probably my shoulders or biceps.

Which one of you is in better shape?
Brandon: We're both in great shape, but probably me.

How much can you bench?
Brandon: 315 lbs!

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Pac, Miami

You look like you work out.
Five times a week.

What's your favorite part of your body?
My abs.

I can't really explain it.

Ah, the ineffable abs.

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