Bez, Peter Hook and a Bunch of Other Icons Open up About Manchester's Musical Heritage

This fascinating footage from a recent Pretty Green event sees a tonne of the city's finest dish the dirt.
February 2, 2017, 10:49am

The people of Manchester are rightly proud of both their social history and their cultural heritage. I mean, if you'd been responsible for the Smiths, Factory Records, Caroline Aherne, L.S. Lowry, the Hacienda, Oi Polloi, Ruf Dug, and a million other massively important figures and institutions, you'd bang on about it too, right? Of course you would. It's the only way Mancunians get through the endless rain, anyway.


Anyone lucky enough to have been up north last month might have found themselves down at the city's historic Old Granada Studios to witness a massive multi-participant panel talk chaired by Clint Boon of Inspiral Carpets fame. Put together by Pretty Green—the clothing chain owned by Liam Gallagher—the event saw pretty much every player in Manchester musical history sitting round a massive table and having a good old fashioned chinwag about the influential figures who've shaped the sound of the city.

With the likes of Peter Hook, Graeme Park, and Bez involved, we're sure you'll want to get a cup of tea on the go and soak up Manchester royalty surveying their kingdom right now.