Here are the Year's Best 100 Australian Tracks According to Noisey

Hottest 100? What?
January 25, 2017, 2:54am

What a year in music it's been… A year we were cornered into expressing ourselves in our most inventive and defiant ways yet. A year we saw queer culture take centre stage in music. A year we saw Indigenous voices disrupt the stagnant peace. A year we will not forget, not just for the stories that made news, but for the incredible work we came eye to eye with. We figured there was no better time to celebrate Australian and New Zealand voices in music than now.


So welcome to The Noisey 100. We like to think of it as a somewhat definitive list of the best local releases from the past year, voted by the music industry and Noisey's team of editors and writers. Really it's the songs that made us dance, think, thrash, fume, and smile. But mostly dance.

We saw new wave, punk, ambient, pop, techno and EDM make the list—a testament to the writhing diversity we're met with every day at a music publication. But most of all we were reminded that music out of this part of the world is fucking incredible. And that to say we're looking forward to the coming year would be one hell of a gosh darn understatement.

Find the first ever Noisey 100 on Noisey, here.