Let's Talk About These Photos of a Baby Eating a Ton of Taco Bell

They're pretty cute. Also, now we want soft tacos.
March 30, 2017, 3:00pm

After my niece was born, my sister started commemorating every month of her life with little photo shoots. Every 30 days or so, we'd get a soft-focus picture of one-month- or six-month- or nine-month-old Emma sitting in a chair, serenely chewing her teddy bear. Every single one was adorable, but somewhat disappointingly, none of them involved a tray of Taco Bell's finest menu items. Thankfully, a one-year-old in Missouri has picked up the slack, setting a new standard for infant photography.


Delta Rose Phillips celebrated her first birthday by smashing, chewing and (mostly) wearing an assortment of soft tacos from Taco Bell, accessorizing her brightly colored tutu with chunks of shredded lettuce and cheese. The accompanying photo shoot—complete with gold "TACO BOUT A PARTY" banner (get it?)—was posted on Facebook by Julia Marie Photography and quickly got everyone's attention, including Taco Bell's. "Our kind of party," the tacomaker tweeted, along with a link to Delta's pics.

"It was so easy to get her to participate," her mom, Monica Phillips, told MUNCHIES. "We literally sat her down, [photographer] Julia Aiello snapped a couple pics and then when we sat the tray down, she got so excited and dug into them without us even prompting her. She probably sat there for 20–30 minutes just eating."

Spending 30 minutes eating from a tray of tacos is a lifestyle that we're all striving for. How did Delta Rose figure it out before she learned how to read? (She's also realized that the best way to enjoy a Taco Bell 12-Pack is while you're securely fastened into a diaper). Chances are, she got it from her folks. Phillips and her husband have had a couple of legit milestones at Taco Bell restaurants, starting with their first 'unofficial' date. "He and I were cleaning up my house after a party and he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere for lunch with him," she said. "He knew I loved Taco Bell so we went there. We started dating after that."

AND THEN, when the couple was expecting their second daughter, they were waiting in a Taco Bell drive-thru when she started having contractions. "My husband handed me the bag of food and I said 'Uh oh,'" she said. "He wouldn't start driving until I told him my water broke. So we ran home, got our bags and went straight to the hospital. I didn't eat my food." (So maybe even the idea of Taco Bell is enough to induce labor?)

Although little Delta Rose might be the youngest – and most adorable – unofficial taco spokesperson, she's not the only one. In 2015, then-high schooler Brittany Creech went full-on viral after she took her senior pictures at her local Taco Bell. (She's from Missouri too. Get you somebody who loves you as much as Missourians love Taco Bell.)

She started a trend: in the next year, at least a dozen other high schoolers shot their senior portraits while casually leaning against its signature purple drive-thru signs. Taco Bell posted their pics on its website, which hopefully they all noted on their college applications.

Regardless, Delta Rose has them all beat. I'll be celebrating her birthday by eating a pair of Triple Double Crunchwraps later this afternoon.