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A Driver Playing ‘Pokémon Go’ Crashed into a Cop Car in Canada

Two police officers went to the hospital following the accident.
July 14, 2016, 4:50pm
A wild police car has appeared! Original images via 'Pokémon Go' and Wikimedia

This post originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Even though Canada has yet to even officially get Pokémon Go and players within the country are relying on a not-wholly legal workaround to get the game, it has not prevented Canadians from becoming part of the growing list of Poké accidents. As we patiently wait for the inevitable first death that will be caused by Pokémon Go, Tuesday night a driver and passenger of a car slammed into a police cruiser in Quebec City while playing the game, injuring two cops.


According to CBC, the police officers only sustained minor injuries when the driver—who presumably was trying to throw a Poké Ball—ran into their cruiser while suddenly reversing in a parking lot. The Quebec City cops who the distracted driver crashed into had been following the Pokémon Go car and were about to pull the driver over for turning without a signal.

The driver who caused the crash, miraculously, was only given two $30 [$23 USD] tickets—one for the failure to signal that initially was going to get them pulled over, one for reversing without properly looking beforehand. Apparently, when police asked the players about the cause of the accident, they admitted that they were playing Pokémon Go, claiming that they hadn't even noticed the officers were following them.

The accident is far from the only one that the game has been involved in. On the same night in New York State, a dude wrapped his car around a tree while attempting to catch a "special" Pokémon.

Play safe, trainers, and, please, don't risk your lives for a Weedle.

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