Disturbing Video Shows Clam Sushi Still Moving as It's Being Served

Behold the squirming surf clam that has divided Japanese Twitter.
Screengrabs via Twitter user @shoumizo3446

Wow. Please help me. I’ve just come across a video that’s gone ultra-viral on Japanese Twitter, wherein user @shoumizo3446 documented a visit to Sushiro, a kaitenzushi (conveyer-belt sushi) chain based in Japan. He ordered some hokkigai (surf clam sushi). So far, so good.

But, as SoraNews24 reported on Tuesday, when the fresh surf clam arrived at his plate, it was still wriggling.

“The tragedy of Sushiro,” he captioned the tweet. The video is just under 30 seconds, during which the clam writhes sporadically as it sits atop a bed of sushi rice—all as diners laugh and poke it with chopsticks.



It belongs to a genre of gross-out video that never fails to upset and fascinate me in equal measure: one that features creatures of the sea that still show signs of life as they’re being prepared to be stuffed down human gullets. There they are, sitting on stovetops or plates as they writhe and gasp for life, making you question whether there is such concept as ethical consumption of what formerly lived underwater.

Ugh. The video—with nearly 45,000 retweets, almost 99,000 likes, and over 4,240,000 views as of writing—has apparently provoked some divisive reactions on this slice of Japanese Twitter, with some users firmly maintaining that those clam tendrils were still kicking due to sloppy preparation while others insisted that the fidgety sushi is simply proof of Sushiro’s commitment to maximum freshness. Sushiro did not respond to immediate request for comment from MUNCHIES on Wednesday.

Anyway, my man @shoumizo3446 said the sushi was “extremely delicious,” so make of that what you will. Eat fidgety sushi! See if I care! But I want no part in it.