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Halloween Brings Skeletons, Ghosts, Skeleton Ghosts to 'Heat Signature'

In space, no one can hear the cartoon xylophone noises your ribs make.
All images courtesy Suspicious Developments

It's Space Halloween in Heat Signature, which means accidentally shooting yourself out an airlock in will leave you boned in both a figurative and literal sense. "Due to science," the official website reads, "you cannot die during Space Halloween."

Between now and Nov. 1, any occurrence that would normally lead to death (asphyxiation, blood loss, explosions, etc) will instead transform the player into a functioning skeleton. Skeletons can spacewalk indefinitely, what on account of the no lungs and everything, and can also go undetected by heat sensors—again, due to the complete lack of any living tissues or bodily systems. Once Space Halloween has concluded, dead players will remain skeletons until they take a lethal amount of damage, at which point they will be released from the numb embrace of undeath.

Meanwhile, missions with a Ghost Clause now turn the player into an actual ghost, and yes, being a ghost does stack with being a skeleton, as God intended. Ghosts can be seen but not hurt, "as with real-life ghosts," according to the website. Skeleton crews are also—you guessed it!—real dang-ass skeletons, though functionally they are identical to living guards, "except that they can no longer feel hope."

That may sound morbid, but even the most dejected of skeleton guards can enjoy a long weekend of undying festivities. Surpassing the emotional shackles of flesh, achieving a burdenless, cold state of freedom—isn't that what Space Halloween is all about?

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