'Dark Side of the Ring' Highlights How Strange Wrestling Really Is

The porous line between reality and pretense, in wrestling and in politics.
April 25, 2019, 2:00pm
Dark Side of the Ring promo art depicting a silhouetted figure against the turnbuckle of a ring.

CW: This episode features discussions of alcohol, domestic abuse, homicide, and death

Sometimes a new TV show launches and everyone likes it and wants to talk about it. Sometimes, it's even launched by your own company! This week we've been riveted by VICELAND's Dark Side of the Ring, a documentary series that revisits some of the more sobering, troubling stories in the history of pro wrestling. Sometimes they're stories about what happens in the ring, sometimes they're about what happens well outside of it, but we're fascinated by the ways that the performance of pro wrestling ends up impacting on the personal realities of its participants. We also end up talking about this review of George Packer's Richard Holbrooke bio, and what it reveals about centrist foreign policy, or the lack of it.

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