MLB Game Was Not Delayed Because of a Baboon Running Amok in Phoenix

ESPN's Pedro Gomez had some autocorrect issues when he tried to tweet last night's game between the Diamondbacks and Rangers had been delayed by a "haboob," which is an intense weather event.

If you were following along with ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez last night, you may have come across an extremely nutso delay to a Major League Baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers. To hear Gomez tell it, an old world monkey of the Papio genus went through downtown Phoenix and fucked shit up.

Baseball fans are prone to saying things like "you can't predict baseball" or marveling at how the beauty of baseball lies in the chance of seeing something you've never seen before at a game, but I think we can all get behind the idea that "Baboon Runs Amok, Delaying Baseball Game" is really not something you would have, or could have ever predicted. And you would be right! Because that is a nonsense headline.


It turns out that an intense dust storm known as a Haboob, not uncommon to the area, swept through town, overloaded the grid, knocked some lights out in the stadium, and caused the delay. When trying to report this information, the autocorrect function on Pedro Gomez's phone completely, and hilariously, sabotaged him.

And, in light of Trade Deadline Day, let's get some confirmation on this, just to make sure:

So there you have it, baboons are still at least willing to tolerate baseball games and have not yet risen to wage war on the boys of summer. Who knows how long this peace will last, though.

Most importantly, however: this is still further proof that there should never, ever be an edit button on Twitter.