We Asked People to Sum Up Their Most Petty Opinion in Six Words
Illustrations by Brandon Celi

We Asked People to Sum Up Their Most Petty Opinion in Six Words

"'Game of Thrones' is fucking stupid.”
August 21, 2017, 5:02pm

Which foods should be banished from the planet? Which bands should we stop idolizing? Which social norms need to die? Which TV shows are overrated (particularly ones with bastards, dragons, and incest)?

We asked friends and co-workers to tell us what petty, controversial opinion they secretly hold—the kinds that would would cause a full-on ruckus if aired at the family dinner table, at the corner bar, or in the break room at work. Here's what they said.


"Dogs are more fulfilling than children." - Brianna, 32

"Game of Thrones is fucking stupid." - Jenn, 38

"Breakfast food is not good at all." - Michael, 33

"Most 1970s punk is fucking terrible." - Larry, 29

"Most nuns are really complete assholes." - Matt, 26

"Hot dogs should be considered sandwiches." - Mike, 38

"Two step authentication needs to die." - Shani, 37

"Rosé tastes like cold, tart piss." - Kelly, 34

"Reclining on airplanes should be illegal." - Emily, 34

"Staying home beats traveling every time." - Cait, 38

"Genuinely enjoyed the movie Jupiter Ascending." - Adam, 30

"Astrology sucks and is not real." - Peter, 23

"Potatoes are just bland mush balls." - Dory, 30

"The machines have already destroyed us." - Eve, 23

"Ramona Singer is the best housewife." - Stephanie, 36

"Pizza sucks. It's shitty garbage food." - Allie, 24

"Didn't enjoy Bojack Horseman. Too depressing." - Marco, 31

"Radiohead is overrated. Whiny bleep bloops." - Marelis, 39

"Us Weekly is a good magazine." - Nicole, 25

"Saturday Night Live is the funniest." - Kwame, 32

"All movies are boring af." - Tara, 23

"Russia is a giant Nothing Burger." - Ruby, 25

"A good man? No such thing." - Sophie, 24

"Sex is overrated. Would rather nap." - Reese, 23

"Raisins do not need to exist." - Courtney, 38

"Beaches are the worst. Really bad!" - Jonathan, 33

"Most underrated soap opera ever: 90210." - Rachael, 33

"Dogs don't belong in any restaurant." - Samantha, 25


"Harry Potter books are for children" - Shawn, 33

"Can't stand when people text haha." - Laura, 32

"Grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty gross." - Brian, 34

"Pomegranates aren't worth all the effort." - Lauren, 36

"Avocados are utter bullshit. Full stop." - Leah, 33

"Almost every Star Wars film sucks." - Harry, 31

"I do not respect the troops." - Alex, 26

"Car alarms serve no practical purpose." - Artie, 43

"Babies do not belong in bars." - Sam, 33

"Beatles are just a boy band." - Francis, 46

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