This Tiny Haunted Toybox is Filled with Spooky Secrets

'Hex House' is everything you want spooky-cute to be.
July 5, 2017, 2:56pm
All images courtesy of Chris Wade

Like many a nerd, I can't pass up a good haunted house. At least, when it is presented to me through the safety of a screen and the proverbial magic circle. Hex House is a tiny, adorable haunted house-as-toybox, a sweet little diorama that demands you poke at it in order to elicit delightful reactions—like little ghosts coming out of graves, or sneezes from the decrepit mailbox.

It's a simple, lovely thing, made for Train Jam by Becca Hallstedt, Sebastian Gosztyla, Chris Wade, and Grey Davenport. But there's a little extra here, if you dally around long enough—a secret layer, if you will, of little hotspots. Click on the right places, and Hex House will begin, ever-so-subtly, to reveal itself to you.

You can download Hex House for free (or pay-what-you-want) on its page.