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The Electronic Music Community Reacts to Brexit News

We turned to social media to see how DJs and producers have taken the referendum result news.

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

For reasons that seem almost impossible to remember now, there was a moment when we thought this moment was never going to come. But it has. The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. David Cameron has resigned. The markets are in a horrific state. Soon we'll be adrift, cut off from the continent, a miserable island of bitterness and misery. Things feel incredibly, utterly bleak.


The referendum decision will have a huge impact on a vast number of facets of British life, and our arts and culture industries are no different. A recent article on Mixmag brilliantly laid out how the Brexit would affect dance music. If the referendum is fully pushed through and the full ramifications are felt, UK citizens—and that includes DJs, obviously—will find European travel slightly more difficult, it'll be harder to book European DJs to play here, and our daydreams about moving to Berlin for the cheap beer and great clubs becomes less and less tangible.

While we wait for the dust to settle and work out exactly what is going to happen in the near future, here's a snapshot of how the electronic music community have reacted to the initial news.

AJ Tracey

2016 Pros: Gucci came home
Cons: Britain collapsed under the pressure of xenophobia and racism

— AJ Tracey (@AJFromTheLane)June 24, 2016

Local Action Records

Endless love and solidarity to the immigrants who've made this country and this whole music thing what it is.

— Local Action (@localactionrec)June 24, 2016

Fatima Al Qadiri

this morning feels funerary

— Fatima Al Qadiri (@FatimaAlQadiri)June 24, 2016

The Black Madonna

I had always hope Cameron would resign over the pig fucking. This is a lot less fun.

— The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi)June 24, 2016

Michael Mayer

Good night, world. I promise I'll become way more politically active as soon as I wake up. — Michael Mayer (@Michael__Mayer)June 24, 2016


Cameron you wet yout.

— Novelist (@Novelist)June 24, 2016


when do the riots start?

— L.I.E.S. (@LIES_News)June 24, 2016

Seth Troxler

And the world just changed…

— seth troxler (@sethtroxler)June 24, 2016

Ewan Pearson

Ah wonderful I appear to have woken up in Germany, 1932. — Ewan Pearson (@ewanpearson)June 24, 2016

Daniel Avery

What have you done?? What a pathetic little island

— Daniel Avery (@danielmarkavery)June 24, 2016

And if you're looking for a new Prime Minister, the Fader have an idea…

.— The FADER (@thefader)June 24, 2016

THUMP will keep you updated on what Brexit means for clubbers, DJs, and producers as the story develops.