This story is over 5 years old.

This Is the Sound Made by the Lowest-Density Solid on Earth

Too quiet to hear, until now.

This little piece of junk is aerogel. Although it looks like a piece of a planet from outer space, it's actually an ultralight material made from gel. It's almost entirely made up of air, making it the lowest-density piece of material on Earth.

Although not commonly heard of, aerogel is commonly found in a lot of products as a thickener including wetsuits, cosmetics and even nuclear weapons. Also, since it's so lightweight and durable, it's used to insulate hard-to-reach places in buildings. It's so light that you can't really hear it land.

Until now!

Thanks to this powerful microphone, a tiny piece of aerogel being dropped on a table has a tinny sound that's extremely mesmerizing and is triggering some major ASMR action for us. Enjoy?