The Humble Freedom Bundle Offers Games, Comics, Feel-Good Vibes

All proceeds from the Humble Freedom Bundle go to charity.
February 13, 2017, 8:11pm

Above: Invisible Inc. screen courtesy of Klei Entertainment.

Humble Bundle—the organization that bundles and sells popular games at deep discounts—has just launched a brand-new bundle with proceeds going towards the American Civil Liberties Union, alongside MSF and IRC. If you pay $30 or more, the organization will match your contribution (up to $300,000), and 100% of sales will go to charity.

The games and books on offer include the likes of (one of EIC Austin Walker's 2015 Game of the Year favorites) Invisible Inc., Stardew Valley, Mini Metro and the new 2064: Read Only Memories, alongside several early access games and steam mega-hits like World of Goo and The Swapper. Oh! And there are comics, audio books and e-books as well.

Stardew Valley screen courtesy of Concerned Ape

Look, you probably have a couple of these games (I think I have World of Goo like, 4 times over), but this is a diverse collection of games, some of which are bona-fide classics. And all of the money is going to an excellent cause (disclosure alarm warning! I used to work at the ACLU and think it's an effective, worthwhile organization.)

It's wonderful to see Humble Bundle getting political here. The organization is no stranger to charity: Bundles have long had a charity component, where buyers could adjust a slider and choose charities for a portion of their purchase to go to—but this is another step.

The Freedom Bundle just went live, and it will be available until Feb. 20th.