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Celebrate the Little Things with a Fireworks Deathstar Explosion

YouTube's favorite inventor makes his way into the three million subscribers club.
June 9, 2016, 7:25pm
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How do you celebrate big accomplishments? The gentle pop of a champagne bottle is dwarfed by UK inventor Colin Furze, who celebrated his three millionth YouTube subscriber with 58 boxes of fireworks, each with a 58-shot payload, and electronically wired together to create the 5,000-shot Firework Deathstar. The mad genius who brought you the Flamethrower Guitar posted his insane firework creation today and it’s as crazy cool as the name suggests.


The explosions last for a full minute-and-a-half, bursting from the top of a 250-foot crane to create a safe distance between the explosions and their creator. The Furze shouts of excitement as he runs around his invention are almost as exhilarating as the fireworks themselves.

He has set the Guinness World Record for world’s fastest pram in 2012, fastest mobility scooter in 2010, longest motorcycle in 2008, and the largest bonfire in 2006. He worked as a plumber for most of his life and has no engineering qualifications. He says the keys to success are having a workspace, friends who will lend you a hand, and someone telling you you’re going to fail so that you push yourself. Recently, he made a hoverbike with no, seat, or brakes—and it flew!

Check out the Firework Deathstar in action below.

To see more of Colin Furze’s wild inventions, visit his website and YouTube channel.

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