Street Style, Jeremy Corbyn Edition: What Are People Wearing on Holloway Road?
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Street Style, Jeremy Corbyn Edition: What Are People Wearing on Holloway Road?

What do the people of Holloway Road make of Jeremy Corbyn's style?
February 26, 2016, 3:50pm

At the moment the world feels somewhat like a giant steakhouse with the amount of tasty beef being flung around willy-nilly. Drake versus Meek Mill, well done rib-eye. Action Bronson versus Ghostface Killah, medium-rare fillet. Chip versus Yungen, prime rump served bloody. Beef for days. Weeks of beef.

But none of these compare to the T-Bone steak sizzling away in the grill at the Houses of Parliament at the moment between MC 'Ravey' Davey Cameron and J-Corbz. To re-cap, MC Cam laid down a classic rap battle technique by essentially insulting J-Corbz' mum and the garms he was wearing. "I think I know what my mother would say," MC Cammy Cam said on Wednesday, straight bars. "I think she would look across the despatch box and she would say, 'Put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem'." Straight heat, I'm sure you'll agree.

Not one to back away from blessing the mic, J-Corbz spent an entire day fuming and then responded with an acute volley of lyrical finesse, saying: "You know what he is really jealous of? That I can go shopping in the greatest shopping centre in the world, Holloway Road, N7, and he has to stick with Bond Street." Hold tight JC, can't wait for you to upload the diss track on Soundcloud.

But that got me thinking. What is this famous Holloway Road style Jeremy Corbyn was talking about? What do people look like when they've just come out of the greatest shopping centre in the world? What level of chic can you see tottering up and down the wide-open roads of N7, with their level of panache and bravura that has made the very Prime Minister of our own country green with envy? What the fuck is Holloway Road chic?

I went down to have a look see, and ask the locals what they thought of Corbyn's now infamous debonair threads.

ALEX, 38

"My style is classic, timeless, something that can be seen throughout the 60s or 70s to today."

TOBY, 37

"I think Jeremy Corbyn dresses appropriately. I don't think he's quite a style icon, but he dresses appropriately for his role. I don't think it matters to me though, it's really irrelevant."


"I normally go to buy things from kids sections. So this coat is from Zara Kids. I think Corbyn's style is quite a charity shop look. There are two sides to his look though, one is that he is down to earth but also another is that he isn't taken seriously enough."


"I'm from Portugal so I don't know anything about this Jeremy Corbyn. My style is just like this everyday, this is just something I threw on in the morning."


"I think as long as Jeremy Corbyn is doing the job he's meant to do then it doesn't matter how he looks. I think there is a move toward looking more formal but that doesn't suit everyone's personality. I'm a teacher, so my look is basically cool enough to be seen as on a level with the children and also formal enough to let them know I'm in authority."


"I think his style is pretty cool, he's got his own unique style. I heard he shops around here so I really liked that. My style is more folky, hillbilly rock I guess."


I'm just in my work uniform; I work in a bank as a clerk. Sorry I've just eaten a doughnut so it's all over my face! I don't know about this Jeremy Corbyn, sorry."


"I think the way Corbyn dresses is alright y'know. David Cameron don't have any sense to me, straight up. I'm telling you already man, Jeremy Corbyn is down to earth. He'd make a much better prime minister than Cameron."


"Who's Jeremy Corbyn? I don't know about that. My style is quite girly. I'm going to college today, so I'm not normally smart like this, but I usually wear jeans and a top, things like that."


Julie: "I love Jeremy Corbyn, he's a people's person. Down to earth. He can kind of spruce up a little bit, because he's representing the country but I think it's about what you represent not how you look."

Coral: "He needs to come down to Selby's with us, we'll sort him out!"