• Sumptuous Beef Bourguignon Recipe

    Update your favorite French stew by braising tender beef cheeks, then tossing with crispy bacon, savory mushrooms, and a luxurious gravy.

  • Riz a Jej (Lebanese Chicken & Rice) Recipe

    For this classic Lebanese dish, flavor ground lamb and rice with warm, aromatic spices, then finish with juicy rotisserie chicken and a medley of nuts and seeds.

  • Miso-Marinated Ribeye with Roasted Potatoes Recipe

    Marinate your steak in miso, sake, and Dijon, then grill it until tender and serve it with roasted, smashed potatoes slathered in a savory compound butter.

  • Maui Flying Saucers Recipe

    Flying saucers can best be described as the glorious love child of a sloppy Joe and a grilled cheese: tomatoey beef goulash and Kraft Singles squished between two slices of white bread, then grill-pressed over an open fire until melty and toasty.

  • Silken Doufu with Rib-Eye Cap Mapo Recipe

    Silky tofu is gently steamed and draped in a saucy mixture of caramelized steak and chile paste in this addictive and mouth-numbing Sichuan dish.

  • Easy Frito Pie Recipe

    Top crunchy, salty corn chips with a bold, warming chili and ALL the toppings for the ultimate meal on-the-go.