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Snoop Dogg Tells Xbox and Bill Gates to ‘Fix Your Shit’

The rapper's just like us regular gamers: pissed off at some shitty servers.

Screencap from Instagram

Legendary LA rapper Snoop Dogg isn't just a man with mic skills—he's also a gamer, and has made voice-acting appearances in titles including True Crime: Streets of LA and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He was also in Way of the Dogg, but we don't talk about that one too much.

Anyway, he's pissed at Xbox, more specifically their servers. Or EA's servers, as it's obvious that the video message he posted to Instagram yesterday (January 13) was in reaction to poor online performance during one of their games, the words accompanying the post read: "Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come."


The full (slightly paraphrased) transcription of Snoop's message, which can be watched here, goes like this:

"A message to Xbox One, or Microsoft, or like whoever the fuck you are: your fucking servers are whack, man. Y'all gonna make me switch to PlayStation if y'all don't get this shit fixed.

"It's that difficult to play someone online? What the fuck is you doing, Bill Gates? Fix your shit, man."

Of course, this isn't the first time Snoop has shitted on people in a public forum. He's the guy who gleefully rapped about Tim Dog's "bootylicious" rhymes and Eazy-E gargling his testicles in the chart-topping 1993 single "Fuck Wit Dre Day."

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