Monthly Horoscope: Libra, September 2023

Welcome to Virgo season, dear Libra!

The sun in Virgo can be a quiet time of year for you, dear Libra. Virgo season is all about connecting with your inner voice and being smart about how you spend your time and energy. You may want to help everyone around you or feel pressured to stay busy, but creating time to rest and catch up on time alone is key. You might even feel called to explore your spirituality! This is a great time to start a meditation practice.


Your ruling planet Venus ends its retrograde in Leo on September 3, marking the end of an important chapter in your social life… which means a new one is beginning! You may have learned something important about what you want in a friend, or what sort of communities you enjoy. In your love life, sharing an intellectual connection and supporting each other’s hopes and dreams are highlighted.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo aligns with Jupiter in Taurus on September 4, which could find you thinking back to discussions that took place around August 9. Big, exciting news could be shared, and an intriguing idea revisited. Jupiter begins its retrograde in Taurus on September 4, too, finding you focused on finances, especially money you share with other people or issues like debts or taxes. New resources became available to you over the last few months, and Jupiter retrograde asks you the smartest way to work with what you’ve been given.

The sun meets Mercury retrograde on September 6, bringing you an important realization, perhaps about something long forgotten. You could be having interesting dreams while you sleep, and your inner voice can reveal something intriguing to you as you journal or meditate. Quiet time alone can be fruitful for finding the answers, or peace of mind, that you seek. The sun aligns with Jupiter on September 8, inspiring a spiritually connected and optimistic atmosphere. It might feel like anything is possible, and an emotional breakthrough can surface. 


The new moon in Virgo takes place on September 14, encouraging you to take a break from screen time and turn off your notifications. This is a powerful new moon for rest and relaxation. Take a break from work if you can, and think about how you can invite more rest into your life. This is a lovely new moon to reconnect with the earth: Go someplace scenic! This can be a wonderful time to go on a private retreat someplace secluded and beautiful.

Mercury retrograde ends on September 15, moving forward any discussions that were delayed or confused. Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on September 30, by which point your focus will be on new things. Also on that day, the sun aligns with Uranus in Taurus, bringing unexpected help your way. You might also be thinking back to something you had been embarrassed about… and realizing that you’re ready to own it! It no longer holds the same charge for you, and in fact, you might feel proud of what makes you unique.

Venus squares off with Jupiter on September 17, finding you thinking back to August 22—but this time, your plans can run a little more smoothly! Creative inspiration abounds and romance is in the air: This is a fantastic time to flirt with a crush or show off your art.

You could be receiving plenty of compliments and attention at this time! An open-hearted, warm energy flows. However, you might struggle with disorganization, confusion, or laziness in yourself or others as the sun opposes Neptune in Pisces, unleashing your inner slacker, on September 19. Slow down, double check your work, and ask for more time to take care of business, if you need it. This is a great moment for daydreaming or enjoying art, but not for making commitments or hashing out tiny details—the mood is just too dreamy!


The sun aligns with Pluto in Capricorn on September 21, which can bring a powerful emotional breakthrough and signal an important shift in your home or family life. You might be letting go of the past in a significant way at this time. A long running, perhaps generational, pattern can be dismantled, understood, or healed.

Libra season begins on September 23: It’s almost your birthday! And it’s the equinox. This is a revitalizing time of year for you on the creative front, and on the emotional front, you reconnect with yourself, your desires, and goals. Plenty of attention is also coming your way!

Mercury connects with Jupiter on September 25, which might find you thinking back to September 4 and August 9: Discussions that took place around those dates could become relevant again. Huge plans may have been discussed, so it makes sense that they might need reworking as things develop. This could be an exciting opportunity to put a big idea forward! People are especially open-minded and willing to pitch in and help. 

A full moon in Aries, your opposite sign, takes place on September 29, marking a shift in your relationships. A situation that’s been brewing between you and someone else may finally reach a culmination. You can gain a deep understanding of someone else’s point of view. You might be ending a relationship, or letting go of the past and embracing a new paradigm with a partner. Collaboration is a big theme for you at this moment, and as a Libra, fairness is often on your mind. This full moon can find you and a partner figuring out what’s right and wrong for your relationship.

Also on this day, Venus squares off with Uranus, finding you thinking back to August 9 and perhaps exploring something unexpected and enticing—or repelling! You never know with rebellious, wildcard Uranus. Whether you’re intrigued or repulsed, you’re likely to learn something new about what you like and what you want to avoid. If you feel limited in your relationships, you could be breaking free from them at this time. This might also be a sensational time for experimentation within your partnerships. Plus, the drama and excitement in your social life ramp up!

Mercury aligns with Uranus on September 30, perhaps bringing surprising news. An upgrade or breakthrough could take place in your personal life. Unexpected help may arrive. Information you’ve been looking for could unexpectedly appear.

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in October!