An Interview With Someone Who Uses a Timed Lockbox to Keep Their Vape Away From Them

I had questions.

Last week I put a call-out on Instagram asking people who’ve quit vaping how the hell they did it. 

The responses from Australians and New Zealanders were surprising; from health scares, to nicotine lozenges, to carrot sticks.

One respondent, 25-year-old Christine, told me she hadn’t given up the lolly stick entirely, but had found a way to successfully limit her inhales to weekends: sealing her vape away in a timed lockbox. 


Needless to say, I had questions. So I asked her.

VICE: So you only vape when it’s open?

Christine: Yeah, I have a few puffs then lock it for a couple days again. I’m now up to locking it completely Sunday-Friday. 

*sends a picture of the lockbox with 1:35:50 remaining on the timer at midday, Friday.*

Almost go time.

So how did you come up with this idea? Like did you buy the lockbox for this purpose?

So, my boyfriend actually bought it for himself to limit his phone use, but never quite got around to making it a habit (lol) so I thought I’d give it a go for a few hours at a time. My vaping was getting pretty bad, I would do it before the gym in the morning, sometimes take it to bed with me, so putting it in the box tricked me into knowing I can’t have it now but I can soon.

But do you know the code? Like, can you just get it out whenever you want?

No it’s completely timed! Can’t get it out unless you open it with an axe.

Oh woah that’s serious. And had you tried to quit vaping at all before you used the box? Any other tested tricks?

I tried my best but I always knew if it was in the house, then I’d be on it quick-smart! Also WFH after COVID made it so much easier to vape in between meetings. To be honest, the only reason this method truly stuck is because I moved house — changing the environment made it so much easier — clean slate etc etc.

Oh that’s interesting. I guess vaping is so passive, it’s this constant habit, so part of the success for some people is definitely changing their routines. Makes sense moving house could help! Do you think you’ll get to a point where you no longer need the box?

Mmmmmm I don’t think so. I don’t want to get too cocky so I’m still super reliant on the box. And I’ll keep buying vapes to have them for special occasions and/or going out so far now the box lives with me.

Go forth, Christine.

Aleksandra Bliszczyk is a Senior Reporter for VICE Australia. You can follow her on Instagram here, or on Twitter here.