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Episode 15 of the Waypoint UK Podcast is a Sega vs Nintendo Showdown

It’s 2017, so obviously we’re talking about which was better: the Super Nintendo or the Sega Mega Drive.
Image courtesy of Nintendo.

The 16-bit era, honestly. So many good times. Good times that we're both reviving and ruining on this episode of the Waypoint UK Podcast by putting Sega's Mega Drive—Genesis, if we must—against the Super Nintendo in a points-based battle to the death. Only nothing actually dies. Save, perhaps, for the respect any listeners had for the people assembled to do this.

Why we're doing this: because the SNES Mini is a thing, and it's out in September at the same time as the Sega Genesis Flashback, another diminutive system pre-loaded with a bunch of games (the differences being the Flashback has a slot to play original cartridges, and the SNES line-up out of the box is so, so much better). It's war, again! Sort of. Look, it's enough for us to talk about punching bins to get roast chickens.


On the podcast alongside senior ed Mike (hi) are Ian Dransfield and Steve Burns, two former games journalists with plenty of opinions on Sega and Nintendo's machines of the early 1990s (and before, and beyond). Warning: there will be mention of Altered Beast. Just the worst. There is also some bad language other than Altered Beast. Sorry.

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