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BitTorrent Client uTorrent May Soon Ask Users for Money

Seeder, can you spare a dime?

uTorrent, a popular BitTorrent client, may soon be soliciting its users directly for money.

It's hard to imagine faceless torrent downloaders as the sort that would pay it forward, but the team behind the popular client, which garners over 170 million monthly users, is mulling over a few ways to get their massive user base to do just that.

This is in place of placing opt-out ads in the program, which caused some furor when it was introduced in 2012. The uTorrent team isn't happy with that option either, so they're asking for feedback from the community on how best solicit for donations.

"We've never been satisfied with this revenue model. It requires compromises that detract from a premium user experience," the team wrote. The team stresses that it wants a model for every budget.

One road the team could take is flexible subscriptions. So for instance, a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription. TorrentFreak notes that this could amount to something substantial—imagine if just half of those 170 million users donated a pittance every year.

Or, they could go the Vuze route and release a "premium" client with bells and whistles. There's a billion ways the company can go about it, but let's agree on this: this is much better than ads, and better than announcing it out of the blue.