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Travel to Vaporwave Valhalla in a New VR Film

The artists calls it “a journey through an unknown dynamic Metaverse.”
April 21, 2016, 2:05pm
Screencaps provided by the artist

Using Unreal Engine, Iranian computer artist Ali Eslami has created new layers of the internet’s infinite universe. His latest VR endeavor, Recept, is “a journey through an unknown dynamic Metaverse,” according to the artist, which hasn't taken its final form, but is still pretty sweet in what it represents. The video below shows the experience’s interface, with Eslami’s hands navigating it in real time. For about six minutes, the viewer travels through levels of lucidity, from abstract graphics to a sort of vaporwave Shangri-La replete with Egyptian tombs and mirrored bonsai trees. Check out Recept in all its trippy glory below:

Says Eslami, "It is an indie one-man project, but I hope to find a proper support to kinda push it to the next level and develop the idea the way its planned. Currently, I’m working on documenting my designs to create a proposal and hope to find an opportunity to further develop Recept." Learn more about the project on Eslami’s website here.


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