THUMP Guide to Berlin: The Best Late Night Snack Stalls
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THUMP Guide to Berlin: The Best Late Night Snack Stalls

Berlin is internationally known and famous for its clubs, concerts and cultural offerings. What makes the German capital worth living though, is the excellent range of late night food.

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You'll always hear people talking about the vivid club culture, the numerous concerts, the international crowd or the open-mindedness – and all of these things are typical for Berlin, making it an awesome place to live in. But if you ask someone who is actually living in the city about the biggest advantages of Berlin, you'll most likely hear about everyday-life and the small joys of life. The culture of the Späti for example, beloved by everyone. Or the countless possibilities of finding great and cheap food at any given time of the day. And both of these things are directly connected to the club culture: Before or after, and no matter where your night starts or ends, Berlin will always offer great food at a great price. And provide you with beers from the Spätis of course.


Here's a little guide to our favorite late night fast food joints:


Berlin Burger International, located directly in the hip neighborhood of Neukölln, is slowly turning into the most famous place for Burgers in the city – it probably already is the best. BBI is so small, that you can hardly even turn around. And if you manage to score one of the few outdoor spots to sit down during the summer, you shouldn't give it up easily. On warm summer nights, lots of people are hanging out at the BBI and at the Späti right across the street, eating burgers and drinking beer, smoking and watching the world go by. There is nothing better! It might not be easy to go out dancing after having eaten one of these large, delicious burgers. But it is the perfect late night snack after a night of heavy drinking and partying. It's also known to be a cure for hangovers.


Mustafa's Gemüsekebab

Mustafa's Gemüsekebab is an institution in Berlin! World famous and still one of the best kebab shops in the whole city. Day and night, a long line of tourists from around the world is cueing in front of it, but also the "real" Berliners are getting their Döner at Mustafa's on a regular basis. Vegetarian, Chicken, Halloumi, spicy or as a Dürüm, Mustafa offers a wide selection. True story: A friend of mine got himself a Döner at 7:30 in the morning on his way to work, just to avoid the long line.


Curry 36

Curry 36 is right next to Mustafa and almost equally famous. The rivalry about who's got the best Currywurst in Berlin might never end, but Curry 36 is easily in the top 5. So if the line at Mustafa is too long for you, you should just get one of the legendary Currywurst. But there is a twist: Most of the time, the line is actually just as long, no matter what time it is. But is definitely worth the wait and the high demand makes sure, that you'll always get really fresh food.




There is actually two Saharas in Neukölln, one at the beginning of the Weserstraße and one at the end. The Reuterplatz at the beginning is a really busy place. The shop in the Wildenbruchstraße is therefore bigger and a little less frequented because it is not in the heart of the Neukölln nightlife. You may be able to score a nice table to sit down and enjoy some Falafel, Halloumi, grilled eggplant and everything else the Sudanese cuisine has to offer. The peanut sauce is one of the best things Berlin has to offer and it is still more or less an insider tip. Sahara mostly offers vegetarian and vegan dishes, at an unbeatable price.


La Pausa

Wow, so you've actually ended up in Berlin-Mitte? Sure, the city centre's reputation is not the best – believing the cliché, lots of fancy locations, tourists and plebs are supposedly coming together here every night. But some might forget, that thinking about Mitte as the center of a cosmopolitan city, it still can be a vital and exciting place that might surprise you: Bars, that have been and still are considered "underground" since shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, concert locations fighting off gentrification and clubs, cooler and more secretive than most locations on the Warschauer Straße. Not to forget the various possibilities to get something to eat. At any time, day or night, you'll find anything from Vietnamese or Korean to Currywurst, Burgers and Fries. The La Pausa directly located at the Rosenthaler Platz, the number one Hipster hotspot in Mitte, undoubtedly makes the best oven baked pizza. Perfect streetfood! And if you're really lucky, you might find the legendary Cannelloni with Spinach as a menu of the day.

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