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Kompakt's Reinhard Voigt Is Back With a Pair of Peaktime Belters

Read an interview with the man himself and listen to the Reisen & Speisen EP right here.

For decades now, techno heavyweight Reinhard Voigt's been one of Germany's most quietly consistent producers. Stone cold classics like "Robson Ponte", "Transparenza", and the entirety of the How We Rock EP meant that Reinhard hasn't spent his career in the shadow of his older brother Wolfgang. In fact, based on collaborative screamers like "Vision 03" and "Supertrip" you'd have to assume they have a better relationship than most siblings. Which is a very good thing.


Reinhard's back with a bang on everyone's favorite Cologne powerhouse, Kompakt. The Reisen & Speisen 12" is a rough and tough two tracker that sees Voigt delving into seriously steely territory with a pair of peaktime bombs. You can listen to both of them here and read a quick chat we had with the man himself. Enjoy.

THUMP: Hey Reinhard! How's the year going so far?
Reinhard Voigt: 2016 is up and running well so far. The best moment so far has to have been when I finally had this new release in my hands. That's always a magical moment.

The EP's title translates as 'travel and food,' so what's the best meal you've ever eaten on holiday?
I ate an incredible wiener schnitzel in Switzerland a few months ago. That one was amazing, unbelievably good.

Related to that, what's the best meal you've ever had at the lengendary Komapkt HQ kitchen?
Hmmm. That's not easy to decide, there are so many options! Our cook is fantastic and is able to prepare so many different kinds of wonderful meals. I love a lot of them!

Are you still as enamored with music as you were when you first started?
Yes indeed. Of course I'm still into it. I've been doing it for years now and it's always going to be fun.

Can you sum up the EP in one word?

The Reisen & Speisen EP is out now on Kompakt. Head here for more information.