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Deep House Dreamboat Cyril Hahn Is Coming to Steal Your Heart With This Mix

Installment #1 from our Decibel Fest QMix is all about soul.

Switzerland-via-Vancouver DJ Cyril Hahn swooned his way into dance hearts a couple years ago by being the only producer bold enough to remix both Sigur Ros and Destiny's Child. More recently, his Begin EP, released this Summer, is positively swelling with soulfulness as the four tracks straddle the line between pop and club music.

Hahn will be making a quick hop over the Canadian border next week to head to Seattle, where he'll be headlining Q Nightclub's Body Language showcase on September 25 alongside M.A.N.D.Y and Pezzner.


THUMP will most definitely be there, and to make sure you will too, the Swiss dance provocateur has put together the first in our Decibel Festival Q Nightclub mix series, or more succinctly, the dB2015 QMix series.

The classy tracklist for the mix features everyone from Bicep to Fort Romeau while championing underground acts the whole way through. Check out the flyer for Body Language and the mix's tracklisting below.

00:00 Cyril Hahn - Same ft. Yumi Zouma (PMR)
03:40 Hidden Spheres - Waiting (Lobster Theremin)
09:18 Jack J - Thirstin' (Future Times)
12:59 Osborne - Hold Up ft. Joe Goddard (Ghostly)
18:37 Fort Romeau - Trust Me (Ghostly)
22:50 Bicep - Just (AUS)
27:55 Shenoda - Mancs (Electric Minds)
34:05 Cyril Hahn - Last ft. Joel Ford (PMR)
39:05 Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda (MCDE)
44:50 Selvy - Catamaran (Transatlantyk)
49:34 Palace - Codex (UTTU)
53:44 Cyril Hahn - Grace ft Kotomi (PMR)

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