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Leaked Trailer Reveals 'Overwatch: Insurrection'

There will be a new PvE mode, new skins, and more lore in your 'Overwatch' future.

It looks like Overwatch is getting a new PvE mode and a slew of new skins to go with it, thanks to a leaked French trailer for an April 11th event dubbed Overwatch: Insurrection. The trailer shows a damaged version of the game's London map and a whole bunch of hostile robots. This points to the new stuff being tied to a flashback to Overwatch's past, when the group helped put down an uprising by the robotic Omnics of the game's lore. There aren't many clues on mode specifics beyond it being a four-player battle, but we're sure to find out more tomorrow. The skins are another big reveal. Overwatch trades in collectibles with each update and Insurrection looks to be no different. Most of the reveals point to characters wearing their old Overwatch and Blackwatch—a covert ops division within Overwatch—gear, but there look to be new sprays and emotes, at least, for everyone. Overwatch's strength to date has been just how willing it is to give us cool stuff. This is no different: You get robots and a glimpse at the game's past, two things which anyone should love. It also sets the stage for further PvE development in the future, as well as using any future PvE modes to move the game's storyline into the future rather than simple flashbacks.


It may also hint at just how important Overwatch is to Blizzard's current hierarchy of games. It was a bit of a question at release how they would proceed with updates, given the slower pace of World of Warcraft updates and tendency to launch their other games in "complete" form, excepting expansion packs. Releases like Insurrection hint that Blizzard sees Overwatch as very important, indeed.