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Let Trump SMLLC improve the Central Park Sheep Meadow!
March 23, 2012, 12:45pm

Central Park Sheep Meadow Improvement Ballot Initiative 94B: LET TRUMP SMLLC IMPROVE

Pros & cons of vote on Initiative 94B: Should Trump S-Meadow LLC be excluded from approval to develop the Central Park Sheep Meadow in a 110-year lease agreement with the City of New York? WHAT IT MEANS: A “NO” VOTE ON INITIATIVE 94B, TRUMP CORP. EXPANDING THE USABILITY/PROFITABILITY OF SHEEP MEADOW By voting NO on the initiative, plans can move forward, allowing for the clearing and development of the Central Park Sheep Meadow into a multiuse, public and private, green-sensitive indoor/outdoor hotel-casino.


  • No cons were submitted.
  • Initiative 94B will transform Central Park’s historic, currently money-losing Sheep Meadow into a profitable, multiuse, recreational space (see architect’s rendering below).
  • Beauty of the lush lawn area will be preserved in its exact dimensions and improved by use of Evr-Green Artificial Turf® with subturf layer of Real Feel® rubber underturf by Monsanto.
  • Exact border of current Sheep Meadow will be maintained by elevating Sheep Meadow; new construction will NOT encroach on other park areas but will be entirely concealed beneath raised Sheep Meadow (see architect’s rendering).
  • Will add helipad, making Sheep Meadow more accessible to community at large.
  • Currently, Sheep Meadow lacks gaming opportunities; indoor casino will rectify this deficit.
  • Legal ownership is rented to Trump S-Meadow LLC for a limited 110-year lease, reverting entirely back to the City of New York at the end of this limited time period.
  • Addition of exclusive 33-bedroom luxury hotel rooms and bungalows on prime real estate will generate revenue for city, estimated at 300 times current revenue.
  • Includes placement of hidden speakers and public-address system. Trump S-Meadow LLC will pipe in calming music and contemplative background sounds at no cost to public, improving the peacefulness of Sheep Meadow.
  • Installation of green-smart Moon-Perfect® lighting will make raised Sheep Meadow usable at night when it is currently of no value to the city or public.

“This redesign preserves everything great about this oasis of calm in our metropolis and adds opportunity for greater usage, beautification, and revenue enhancement, and it’s got a casino in it.”
Piper-Mendelgren Appraisals and Land Valuation Corp. CLARIFICATION OF BALLOT INITIATIVE 94-B: A vote of “YES” will NOT ALLOW Trump SMLLC to develop Sheep Meadow, so if you DO NOT want Sheep Meadow improved, then DO NOT vote “NO,” thereby disallowing the restriction limiting Trump SMLLC from benefiting the community with this redesign (see architect’s rendering). If you DO want Sheep Meadow preserved and developed, then a vote of NO is a vote of SUPPORT for the IMPROVEMENT proposed. Illustration by John Gagliano